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Zoom Platform

For all UK & International students

Live Private coaching £35-£40 (1 hr).
Semi-private (get a friend/family member to join you - £30 each).

These prices are for online classes only. To read more click this link.

If you want in person sessions, click this link.

To book to get your dance journey started or enquire please get in touch via email :

Super popular + successful training method for many students of mine who prefer to learn in their own home through Zoom. Convenient and simple to set up.

It will feel like we are in the same room.

How it works :

1. Download Zoom on the device you will be using for your class or just click the link sent to your email to join the meeting

2. You will receive a Zoom Link from me before the scheduled time to join the class either via email or text

3. Connect your webcam so we can see each other during the lesson

4. Stable WiFi connection

5. A space for you to dance

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