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A dance space that's full of creativity, flow, & deep learning


My classes are more than just a "Belly Dance Class".

What you'll gain for your physique & self :

- a stronger & healthier physique, more stamina

- body appreciation & awareness

- use & learn about the muscles you never felt "used"

- feel your body "working"! as humans we are meant to move not be stationary

- beautiful posture

- reduce stiffness + aches

For your brain & dancing :

- coordination, memory, concentration

- identify and fix your technique - know the right and wrong for growth

- stimulated with challenges

- learn to make the hard stuff look at ease on your body

- trying new things, manipulating the mind & body through the intricate moves

- defined, sharp & tight isolations

- grace and elegance 

- dance in sync with the music, like it was MADE for those moves

- confidence when you dance cause you now can move like THAT.

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