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Learn the Art : Belly Dance Classes London.

You're this close to shimmy-ing.

Discover Belly Dance moves that ACTIVATE your muscles, INCREASE flexibility, TONE your abs, & ENHANCE your dancing! Unleash your FEMININE side and gain more CONFIDENCE on the dance floor.

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Belly Dance Classes London with SPICE BELLY DANCER 

Eat. Sleep. Belly Dance. Repeat.

Nasha is a Belly Dance Instructor and Choreographer based in London, UK. 

She has an Oriental & Tribal Fusion Belly Dance aesthetic. 

She's experimented several dance styles, but Raqs Sharqi a.k.a. Belly Dance & Tribal Fusion style has always been the one that brought out the fire in her.

From the gorgeous and intricate techniques, being able to fully challenge your mind + body, ample choices of music such as electronic beats, heavy bass, the sound of the drum and instrument's as well as breaking the rules to find new ways to move - it was organic. It felt like skin. Her addiction continues.


She loves to fuse her expertise and magic of the Grace of Egyptian-Oriental & Snaky yet Electriying Tribal Fusion styles in her dance to freestyle and create unique combinations & choreographies. Continuously experimenting and training herself to keep it personalised, challenging and engaging in her dancing and her classes.

Her teaching is mainly dedicated towards 1:1 Classes from when she started a few years back and then slowly ventured into Group Classes and Special Event Workshops. She aims to unite individuals together to dance and experience this art she lives for. She enjoys sharing her expertise, blending fusion styles, and adding her experimental touch. Teaching allows her to witness her students' transformation into confident dancers, pushing their skills to new heights.

Let's Dance

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Nasha - Spice Belly Dancer
Contact :

London, UK.

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